Discover the rural heritage of Quend

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The chapel Notre Dame des Pins
Built by Adéodat Vasseur, the Chapel was inaugurated on July 26, 1914 and is named "Notre Dame des Dunes". The building has gradually evolved. Indeed, three construction campaigns are visible: The first campaign concerns the part covered with plaster and painted in white. Then the bell tower was built in 1925-1926. It was transmitted to the diocese on October 12, 1938. In 1950, it was renamed "Notre Dame des Pins". Indeed, one of the sons of Adéodat Vasseur, planted pines and oyats in the station and around the chapel in order to fix the dune. The chapel will be enlarged around 1952-1954 (3rd campaign) of a new nave (part of brick) whose roof is covered with slates.

Stained Glass
The stained glass windows are the origin of the Abbevillois Boubert painter and date from 1952. They symbolize the daily life of the village life, its culture and its landscapes (a descriptive stained glass is available in the Chapel)

The Church Saint Vaast
The name of St. Vaast, patron of the church of Quend, derives from the Germanic Gast having given Gaston. This patronym was brought to the 6th century by a priest who prepared the baptism of Clovis. In thanksgiving, the conqueror of Tolbiac warmly recommended him to Saint-Remi, who in his turn appointed him Bishop of Arras. After forty years of evangelization, the prelate was buried in his beautiful cathedral. More modest, the church of Quend, restored in the 17th century but retaining its chapel of the 15th, is distinguished by its original bell tower, unlike any other in the region. An imposing square tower of white stones supports an octagonal turret, ending in a small dome with a bell tower, which the lightning mutilated on March 15, 1905. Visible from a distance, this bell-tower served as a triangulation point for the assembly of the map of France.

The circuit COF calavaries, oratory and fountain
Take the cycle tour and discover buildings linked to religious activities (calvaries, oratories, fountains) in Quend: 6 claviers, 3 oratories and a fountain (21,2 km - 1h10)
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